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#ConnectaMoments: The Connecta Carrier

30th January 2016

I don’t think you ever truly know what kind of parent you’re going to be until the day someone pops a brand new, squirming baby onto your chest and you think, oh my good god – that’s mine! We all have an idea of how we would like to parent, whether it be with a tough love and routine approach, a mother earth type mama or anything in between, but rarely do things pan out how you expected them to.

I never imagined myself to be a baby wearing mum. That might sound odd to all you avid baby wearing mamas but I never saw myself as the attachment parenting kind of parent. As it turns out, I fed on demand and Nora still sleeps with me most nights; she is a real Mummy’s girl. It was only after a couple of years of Nora insisting on a ‘carry’ absolutely everywhere that I considered the idea of baby wearing. This was when I discovered Connecta.

Connecta Carrier

Toddler ConnectaThe philosophy behind the Connecta brand strikes a real chord with me; its ultimately about being connected. This, and the added promise of an easier life really appealed to me enough to start my baby wearing journey.

By the time I discovered Connecta, Nora was already two. I had asked in local baby stores about toddler wearing possibilities and was told this wasn’t possible as slings and carriers were purely for babies. The lovely people at Connecta however have this totally covered, right up to pre school age! Last year they sent me the most beautiful Harris Tweed Toddler Connecta to try out. The beautiful green tweed goes perfect with my winter scarfs and coats and the Connecta is so easy to use and so comfortable to wear. There is a waist strap and two shoulder straps which are easily adjusted and make carrying a toddler no strain at all. The integrated sleep hood is a real bonus too, ideal for keeping sleepy, bobbing heads in one place.

Connecta CarrierWe have had SO much use out of our Connecta; perfect for family holidays, walks in the park and it is certainly a festival essential! I am now eying up a new Connecta for baby number two – we will be exploiting the benefits of baby wearing much earlier this time around! I’ve already got my eye on a couple of amazing designs!

Festival Connecta

Connecta Carrier


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