Our Year in Review 2015

15th January 2016

Having spent the last hour looking at photos of our fun times from 2015, I realised just how many adventures and exciting times we had last year, I can’t quite believe how much we managed to squeeze into just 365 days. I’m super excited for 2016, a house renovation, the arrival of baby number 2, Nora turning four and starting full time school, plus many other adventures along the way. In the mean time, here’s a brief round up of our 2015!

Total Highlights;

  • Visiting Antigua – a total once in a life time trip. Perfect white sandy beaches, an abundance of Pina Colada’s, beautiful sunshine and hours and hours of fun with Nora noodle.
  • Getting engaged by the waterfront in beautiful Antigua
  • Many, many day trips to beautiful spots in the North East including many a farm for Nora Doolittle, a Lavender farm to feed my photography addiction, strawberry picking, pumpkin patch fun, Centre Parcs trips, the list goes on!
  • Finding out we are expecting baby number two in April, a baby boy! Despite the weeks and weeks of sickness and now generally feeling like a beached whale, I can’t wait to see Nora be a big sister, I have a feeling she will take to it like a duck to water.
  • Watching Nora grow into the most hilarious, head strong, clever little beast that she is. Honestly three year olds are a whole host of crazy, entertaining and down right hilarious. Nora’s tropical themed third birthday party was so much fun, think floral garlands, pineapples and many, many inflatable flamingos and you’re somewhere along the right lines. I better get planning this year’s theme.
  • We had another amazing weekend at Deershed Festival in July, I honestly never thought I’d be a festival goer, never mind with a child in tow but it really is the most fun weekend of the year. Watching the kids run free and relaxing in the great outdoors is priceless. We already have next years tickets!
  • Our business has grown from strength to strength this year, I am so proud of everything we have achieved, I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

On a not so happy note we said goodbye to our amazing Granny this November, after a long battle with Alzheimers. I know everyone says they have the best grandparents but Granny really helped shape us into who we are today, without her my childhood would not have been the same. We miss her every day.

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