Bump Update: 35 Weeks

10th March 2016

I can’t believe it’s March already! That means we’re officially having a baby next month! How on earth did that happen?! Even if he’s like his sister and decides to arrive fashionably late, he will 100% be here before April is through. I remember hitting this milestone with Nora and feeling so prepared. So not the case this time around!

How many weeks and due date?

35 weeks + 2 days pregnant. Baby is due 11th April 2016, 5 weeks and counting!


I’m feeling pretty good considering we are on the home stretch. I’ve been having loads of Braxton Hicks these past few weeks. They’re so frequent and on occasion take my breath away. I read that this is completely normal and is no indication of labour beginning – I sincerely hope this is true. We have too much to do for you to arrive just yet, little boy!

I talked about my terrible leg cramps in my last bump update. I’ve upped my banana consumption and got some amazing restless leg solutions from my lovely midwife who also does my reflexology and this seems to have settled them loads, thankfully.

I feel pretty huge despite not gaining any weight over the last six weeks (thanks Slimming World). This bump is so much bigger than my Nora bump. I was over the moon at my midwife appointment to learn I’ve managed to loose over 2kg since my last appointment four weeks ago – so excited for my post baby weigh in!

My SPD seems to be keeping itself at bay as long as I avoid too many long walks. Getting out of bed is a hardship; it’s hard enough without pregnancy as an excuse!

Baby Update?

So at my midwife appointment today, my bump (fundal height) was measuring 36 weeks at 35 weeks, at my last appointment two weeks ago, he was measuring 35 weeks at 33 weeks! I’m so pleased he seems to a have caught up with himself. I’m pretty sure its because he’s moved down a bit and his head is engaged. I definitely think he’s going to be a much bigger baby than Nora, though.

My Mam and midwife are pretty certain he has turned and is no longer breech but head down. Fingers crossed he stays that way. He is so super active, I’ve had some crazy movements going on these past few days. I feel like I’m being beaten from the inside out! He also enjoys kicking his Dad in the back in bed, much like his big sis!

According to my Pregnancy+ app, baby now weighs between 4.2 and 5.8lbs (thats like a real proper baby size!) and is now the size of a honeydew melon! He has his very own immune system which will be further boosted through breast feeding when he arrives and he also pees up to a pint of urine per day!?! Apparently the placenta begins to age this week which is a bit of a scary thought. We really are going to have a baby very soon!

What about me?

I’m feeling very emotional, clearly having a very large hormonal surge! We passed some junior doctors today at the hospital who were striking, all the support they were receiving from passers by made me well up. What on earth is wrong with me?! I’ve managed to cry over pretty much everything this week, including the dog pooping in Nora’s bedroom!

My ‘finish the house by the end of February’ plan didn’t really go as we had hoped. We still don’t have a kitchen but the decorating has started which is a relief. Living in a building site really isn’t any fun at all. Fingers crossed the kitchen will be in within the next fortnight and I can chill out just a little bit!

The office move is progressing nicely, we are now in our new place just settling everything in it’s new home.

Today my midwife offered me a membrane sweep at my next appointment (in two weeks time!) – OH.MY.GOD, erm…no thanks! There is absolutely no way I can have a baby in two weeks time. I’ve probably completely jinxed myself now haven’t I?

I’ve got a lovely warm fuzzy feeling inside after my gorgeous baby shower last Sunday. I feel so grateful and lucky to be surrounded by such supportive and lovely people who are all so excited to meet this little boy.

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