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My Surprise Baby Shower

5th March 2016

Late Thursday night, I was sat watching yet another murder documentary (Ste is obsessed with them, should I be worried?!) when I heard someone outside our front door. Assuming the worst I sent Ste to investigate. He didn’t find Burglar Bill, but he did find an invite to my surprise baby shower which my absolute sneak of a sister not so stealthily delivered. I was so excited and super nervous but totally over the moon! Em also threw a surprise baby shower when we were expecting Nora; I turned up at my Mam’s house where everyone was waiting for me and burst into tears! Mostly because I was so overwhelmed but equally because I was wearing the world’s worst dress! This time Em made sure I had enough time to do an ASOS order (what a babe) and to mentally prepare myself for Sunday (ie. avoid crying).

IMG_5956So we headed down to the venue which was the lovely Mockingbird Deli in Yarm. It’s right next door to Rock N Rose HQ and we go there every day for a coffee break so its like a home from home for us. I was super happy to find the shower was there!

Baby Shower Baby Bum Cake


Nora&Co-Baby-Shower-TableThe Mockingbird was filled with my most favourite of people, beautiful blooms, amazing cakes by my wonderful friend Jane Anne and super fun games. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing sister who goes to the furthest lengths to make everything so special for me and her niece & nephew! You can’t choose your family but I most definitely got dealt the best sibling card there is. Thanks Em, you’re the best!

Baby Shower Chalk BoardNora&Co-Baby-ShowerMy baby shower book is such a perfect keepsake. Everyone included their entry to the ‘Baby Face’ game, three wishes for Baby Powls, baby prediction cards (date/weight/name, etc.) and a little Instax selfie of themselves. Although I sincerely hope he doesn’t look like any of the crazy Ste/Jess mashups! It’s really special to have a room full of gorgeous girls come together to celebrate the arrival of my little babe and I really am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you all for being so lovely and for all of our gorgeous gifts. This little boy is so spoiled already!

Baby Shower Scrap Book


Baby Shower Flat lay

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