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A Letter To My Baby Girl

12th April 2016

To my baby girl, Nora Jane.

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. Who would she look like? What will we name her? How could I love her as much as I love the dog?! Look at us now, almost four years down the line and we have you, Nora Noodle. Our opinionated, super beautiful, crazy, princess-loving babe. My absolute favourite little thing in the whole wide world.

But soon, you won’t be our only love as you’re being promoted to big sister. You will however always be my first true love. You taught me to be a whole new me. You taught me how to survive on zero sleep, you taught me how to nurse, care for and protect the most fragile little creature, you taught me patience when I least felt like holding everything together, but most of all you taught me how to love someone so unconditionally it hurts! You taught me how to be your mummy, the most wonderful job in the world.

Learning to be a mummy with you in tow has been the most exciting roller coaster ride. From those early breast feeding days, to watching you learn to crawl, finding your voice (extremely early I might add, you’ve literally never stopped talking since), learning to walk, watching you grow and develop into the most fascinating little human being. I am so so lucky to have had these experiences with you my Nora Noo.

It makes me a little sad to write you this letter because having you as my one and only brings me so much joy and happiness and I’m so scared about how things will change. I want you to forever be my happy-go-lucky baby girl and I’m worried I won’t be able to share my time enough between you and your brother. I’m so used to it just being you and I, how will I find space inside to love someone as much as I love you?!

Your brother’s arrival is rather imminent (his due was yesterday but he’s going to take after your mummy, just like you did) and that fills me with so much guilt. When I think that it won’t just be just the the three of us I feel a little pang of melancholy and I wonder if we’ve made the right decision in deciding to make you a big sister but then I look at you and realise we’ve made the right choice. I know you’ll be an amazing big sister, you already love your doggy brother so much and you are such a kind, caring little sausage. Today you told me you couldn’t wait to be a grown up so you could cook me eggs and bacon; what more could a mummy want?!  You will be his constant source of entertainment with your endless chatting, singing and make-believing. You will teach him how to read (you told me you were going to do that when you first found out he was growing in my tummy), how to eat spaghetti and how to be a loveable little character just like you. You will be his best friend, his role model, his partner in crime; you will share so many amazing times together. A sibling bond is something I couldn’t have you missing out on. Look at me and your auntie Em – can you ever imagine us not coming as a pair?!

I just wanted to let you know Miss Nora Jane Powls that you are the most wonderful girl on earth. You were my first newborn, my first baby, my first toddler and my first big girl and that is something I will treasure forever. I hope you remember the times when it was ‘just the three of us’ and that you remember them as fondly as I do, the times when you had your daddy and I all to yourself.  Please always remember though, you’re my whole world and more and although things are about to get a whole lot more crazy in our household over these next few months and we might not have all the time in the world to play princess dolls and colour in, you must never forget that you are my sun, my moon and all of my stars, my first child, my baby girl.

All the love in the world,

Mammy xxx

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