Bump Update: 39 Weeks

6th April 2016

Happy April and happy baby month to us! Despite the fact I currently resemble a beached whale with ankles the size of eighty year old tree trunks, it still doesn’t at all seem real that we’ll have another baby within the next twelve days. It’s insane.

How many weeks and due date?

39 weeks + 2 days pregnant. Baby is due 11th April 2016, only 5 days till due date!


I am so bloody tired! I totally forgot how tiring this part of pregnancy is. I’m awake pretty much every hour through the night. Perhaps its my body getting me ready for a new born? I also feel really sick a lot of the time, my trusty bottle of Gaviscon is never far from my side. I think I just need to be careful with what I’m eating and avoid overeating as all my insides are being taken over by a big lump of a baby.

My ankles have been removed and replaced with just big fat pudding feet which merge into my legs via cankles. How attractive is water retention?! Although I have managed to gain only 1.5lbs at Slimming World this week which I’m really pleased with!

I had my 39 week midwife appointment today and my bump was bizarrely measuring two weeks less than my last appointment. This meant my bump growth had dropped off the little chart they use to plot the progress of your bump. I had a quick scan to check everything was as it should be and thankfully, everything is looking great! I was SO worried while I was waiting, it’s such a relief to know everything is as it should be!

Baby Update?

As I mentioned above, at my midwife appointment today my bump (fundal height) was measuring 37 weeks at 39 weeks, at my last appointment two weeks ago, he was measuring 39 weeks at 37 weeks! It was so lovely to get another glimpse of this baby on scan before he makes his grand entrance. He has super cute little pouty lips and he has a fair bit of fuzzy hair according to the sonographer. I can’t wait to see what he looks like! My huge bump is harbouring a baby who is already 8lbs 3oz! I always knew he’d be much bigger than his teeny big sis! I’m actually concerned about how large he’s going to be by the time he makes it earth side.

According to my Pregnancy+ app, baby now weighs between 6.3lbs and 8.5lbs and is now the size of a watermelon! He will continue to add to his fat stores over the next week, lets hope he doesn’t get too much bigger. He now has a fully functioning digestive system and is just about fully cooked.

What about me?

I’m actually feeling pretty good! I’m so relieved that we now have a beautiful and fully functioning kitchen. The house is currently being painted from top to bottom and we are in the final stages of our way-longer-than-planned renovation project. I’m hoping this baby will stay put until at least next week so it can be all completed in time.

I was offered a membrane sweep again today at my midwife appointment but I refused again, much to my mum’s dismay! I don’t really want to hurry things along at the moment, is that totally weird?! I know by this stage most preggo ladies are like ‘GET THIS THING OUT OF ME’ but I think I’d rather leave things to pan out how they’re supposed to. I’ll totally be getting induced at term plus seven!

I feel a bit freaked out at the prospect of randomly going into labour. I was induced with Nora so I’ve never had that ‘oh my god my water’s have just gone’ type moment and I must admit, I’m scared of when or if it might happen. I can just see myself walking around M&S and showering the floor with amniotic fluid. I heard you get a voucher if that happens, maybe I should spend the next five days marching around the food hall hoping for some movement ha!

I’m still plodding away working, that’s most probably the reason for the enormously puffy ankles but we are so busy at the moment and I totally enjoy going to work! Not long now and I’ll be having some time off with my two babies. Oh god, how scary – I’ll soon be a mum of two!

39 week baby scan

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