Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

15th July 2016

To my birthday girl,

I have just kissed you goodnight as a three year old for the very last time. We have read the same book you insist we read every night despite the huge pile of books you keep next to your bed. When you wake tomorrow you will be four; you have been so eagerly awaiting this day for weeks. No longer a toddler but a fully fledged child. I must admit I have to blink back the tears as I write this to you.

This time four years ago your Daddy and I were nervously awaiting your arrival, anxiously pacing the floors of the labour ward not really knowing what we were letting ourselves in for.

The hours passed and then I remember your granny asking if I was ready to push and I remember I cried because it all seemed so real all of a sudden. Then, on 16th July 2012, 9.38am, there you were. 7lbs 4oz of absolute perfection, my feisty, beautiful, headstrong little girl. How did we get so lucky? You’ve brought us nothing but joy from that very moment, watching you grow and develop into the wonderful little person you are today.

Time has passed so, so quickly my Nora Noo. I blinked and you were crawling, I blinked again and you were talking, I woke up one morning and you were no longer a baby. Those round baby cheeks have been replaced with beautiful cheek bones, those chubby baby creases have melted away leaving lovely long limbs. I look at you as you’re sleeping and wonder how that happened – when did you become a big girl?

You’ve not only physically grown so much this past year, I’ve watched your mind and emotions grow in ways I never thought imaginable. You are your own person, with perfections and flaws and funny quirks and a hilarious sense of humour. It wasn’t until I became your Mummy that I realised just how much character a tiny person can have. You are an entertainer, a perfect big sister, happy-go-lucky, caring, intelligent, inquisitive and a completely unique little girl and I am so proud of you.

Up until now your home has been your whole world except for those few hours of nursery each morning, but this year you start school. Real, grown up, big kid school and that’s where you’ll spend six hours a day for the next 14 years. I’ll no longer have you to myself all day, you’ll morph and change into the person you’re meant to be, making new friends and finding out what you love doing, what you’re good at. Your world will expand and it will be so exciting for you and we will be thankful for the four years when you were only ours. I can’t wait to see what you become.

I am forever grateful that I get to be your Mummy and I’m a better person for having you in my life. Sometimes you drive me crazy and sometimes I don’t always have all the patience in the world but you inspire me to be kinder, calmer and to make every day better, more interesting and filled with love. Thank you for that.

I could go on forever but I won’t. I hope you know how much you mean to us today and everyday.

Happy 4th birthday baby girl, we love you forever and always 💗

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