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Day in the Life | Sunshine, Juice and Blooms

13th May 2018

When the days stretch into evenings and the warm sun dances on bronzed skin. And we dance to the tunes of the songbirds beneath memory steeped trees. These are the moments I hope they’ll never forget. Taking photographs has grown into a very much loved passion of mine since Nora was born almost six years ago. From those early super grainy iPhone 4 snaps with added Instagram Valencia filter to today’s Olympus Pen images that I spend every spare moment trying to master and improve on. I love the idea of capturing special moments. Freezing a frame in time so I can look back and pour over it in years to come, dreaming of those baby days and the summers spent amongst the flowers. When I was asked if I’d like to join in a Day in the Life series by a wonderful group of super talented gals I jumped at the chance. What better way to display those every day moments I wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to share. I’m not going to lie, I was super honoured to be considered by such a talented group of photographer Mamas. Let’s hope I do them justice!

We spent bank holiday Monday in the most beautiful blazing sunshine, making the most of our garden whilst Daddy was working. I’ve spoken before about how I hate to leave my babies, especially overnight and I’d spent an extremely rare night away from the kids at a blogging conference on Saturday so was eager to spend as much time with them as possible to make up for that.

The weather was beautifully warm and we basked in the shade, drinking juice from straws. We made daisy chains and the kids left trails of melted ice cream wherever their tiny toes wandered. Their glowing cheeks, sticky hands and squeals of delight are what summer time in the garden is all about.

After a much needed nap and a cool bath to bring those rosy cheeks down just a little, we headed for an evening visit to Manor Garden Flowers with auntie Em to choose some blooms from their beautiful tulip crop. I’d been waiting with baited breath to hear when they’d be ready for picking. The awfully long winter had meant they’d sprouted super late in the season but in perfect time for bank holiday harvesting.

Nora was in her element learning how to pull the stems from the root with care, choosing the prettiest stems for their Granny and for various jars and vases around our house. I was astounded by the variety of tulips – who knew they came in so many shapes and sizes?! We were surrounded by balmy evening air and the scent of freshly picked flowers. This is definitely my happy place.

Woody discovered a trailer and a tractor and was of course in his element while Nora searched for fairies amongst the blue bells. I like to think of all the things the trees in the woods have witnessed; the picnics and happy times, great sorrow and loss, times before humans graced them with their presence. And all the things they’ll see when we are long gone. How funny it would be to have a taste of those memories, a snap shot into their ever long lives, towering above us all season after season.

Woody Trailer Nora Tulips Tulips Woody GardensA shortbread biscuit was devoured in seconds before we headed home with sugar stuck to their faces, earth in their fingernails and tiny new memories forming in their ever-growing minds.

Nora Woods

Nora Woody Woods Nora Bluebell woods The short drive home from the walled garden wasn’t without drama. Nora of course, needed the toilet and Woody cried because he couldn’t bring the tractor home but would it really be a day with two kids if some tears weren’t shed?! We popped in to deliver tulips to Granny on the way home and Nora managed to convince her Granny that she simply must spend the night there so I headed home with the other half of my extremely tired brood.

Oh how I wish every weekend was a sunshine filled bank holiday! Don’t forget to head over and checkout the wonderful Hello.Archie and her beautiful summer BBQ filled bank holiday and My Little Wildings for her Day in the Life with her four beautiful babes.

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  • Natalie 13th May 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Absolutely stunning! Sounds like a wonderful needful bank holiday. I love your photography xx

    • Jess 13th May 2018 at 9:50 pm

      Thanks so much lovely! Definitely needed, not long until the next one! xx

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    […] always, I get to be part of an amazing group of ladies.  This months post is with Jess – Nora & Co & And Kaye – Hello Archie  both are wildly talented and should be checked out.  Their […]