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Bedroom Update & My Simba Hybrid Mattress

6th August 2019

*ADVERTORIAL: This post contains a gifted item from Simba and an affiliate link – get £75 off a Simba Hybrid Mattress here*

Gosh, isn’t sleep such a topic of conversation when you’re a Mum? The level of ‘goodness’ of your offspring is solely determined by how well they sleep, how long they sleep for and where they sleep. As an extremely tired Mum of two I’ve broken all the rules and have inadvertently co-slept for the last seven years (there may or may not be a small boy sleeping next to me as I type this from my bed). I’m pretty much willing to do anything for an easy life and/or a decent amount of sleep so thats how we roll. Too many bodies in a too-small bed with a mattress like a piece of stale toast – one of those cheap buys you convince yourself will be temporary, but 2 years later here we are. I was desperate to reclaim some space for myself and so project ‘let’s all sleep in our own beds’ begun. It certainly has been a long time coming but my goodness, to have such a tranquil space just for us is nothing short of heavenly.

Project bedroom began almost eighteen months ago when my family bought us the most beautiful handmade reclaimed wooden bed and to make the gift even better, it was only a super king wasn’t it?! The glow-up as a co-sleeping family of four from a standard double to a super king is immense, let me tell you! We were given a budget mattress to go with the bed with a view to upgrading when possible and when we no longer had small creatures prone to puking/piddling/invading our bed on a nightly basis. This easter, I finally mustered up the strength (I can’t stand decorating) to push forward with the painting – we were on a mission to reclaim this space as our own. We chose white walls and had some beautiful built in wardrobes crafted by a local joiner and painted these in Farrow & Ball Treron. Now call me dramatic but honestly, this storage space has genuinely changed my life. We’ve never owned any wardrobes/hanging space since we bought our house eight years ago and I can tell you that 1920’s semis are not blessed with an abundance of storage spaces.

We had a lovely sisal carpet fitted (highly inappropriate in hindsight as Woody took a nose dive on it and scuffed his entire face but we’ll save that story for another day) and the time had finally come to consider a new mattress. When I was contacted by the wonderful Simba team to ask if we’d like to review their Simba Hybrid Mattress, I did a little jump for joy. I’ve heard such good things about the brand and had been considering ordering one of these “mattress in a box” styles for a while. They even have a 100 night trial period to see if their mattress suits you – how good is that?!

Let me tell you a little bit about Simba. Simba was born in 1979 as a family thread business where they supplied their first spool of thread to a Derbyshire mattress factory. Since then, their thread has travelled to 35 different countries and has been used to craft over 50 million mattresses. In 2002, their own mattress journey began, taking industry experts and working together to create the mattress for the perfect night’s sleep.

I ordered the mattress directly from the Simba Sleep website. It was super straight forward to navigate and with one mattress suitable for all, there were no difficult decisions to be made. Simba also offer a mattress recycling service which I think is marvellous – have you ever tried to get rid of your own mattress?! Impossible! Our brand new super kingsize Simba arrived the following day. The couriers left it in the hallway and in hindsight, we definitely should have had them lift it upstairs for us – the box was incredibly heavy! We managed with two strong lads and opened up the box to reveal the mattress and instructions. I still find it incredible that a super kingsize mattress can fit inside a cardboard box?! Once unpacked, the mattress needs 4-5 hours to expand – super satisfying to watch (although maybe not for the entire 4-5 hours).

I was so excited for bedtime and to test out our new mattress. I decided that now was the time to keep Woody out of our bed and in his own bed if possible. This was going to be no easy task after three years of co-sleeping. Sinking into my own super king size bed, sans small wriggly child and on what I can only describe as cloud-like mattress was a heavenly experience. I honestly drifted off in moments and could genuinely feel the responsive memory foam cocooning me as I slept. The Simba Hybrid Mattress has the most clever combo of both memory foam and pocket springs to ensure it is suitable for all sleepers and I can honestly say my sleeping has improved dramatically since the upgrade to Simba. I had a constant bad back prior to this and over the last four weeks – this has majorly improved. I was also concerned as I’d heard that memory foam can be super warm and sweaty. Since having children I’ve found I’m really prone to night sweats but I’ve not found the mattress to be too warm at all. The special Simbatex layer tackles overheating by increasing airflow. Another huge plus point for this Mama is the breathable but ZIP OFF, WASHABLE mattress surface. Yes, you heard that right, Mama’s rejoice! The mattress cover can be removed and machine washed – I’ve never needed something more!

A good night’s sleep is so, so valuable to our every day activities. Lack of sleep impacts every part of your life. Our transition from co-sleeping isn’t going to happen quickly and I do spend a significant amount of time bed hopping between my heavenly Simba and Woody’s bunk bed, but overall, my quality of sleep has massively improved. It’s actually quite amazing to have an in-house comparison between mattresses, I almost feel bad making Woody sleep on not-a-Simba-Hybrid – poor babe!

If you’re considering a new mattress – why not give Simba a go? With 100 nights to try and test it, what do you have to lose? Simba’s research of over 10 million sleeps can’t be wrong – this mattress was made for us all. Don’t forget, you can get £75 off your Simba by clicking here. If you go for it, do let me know what you think!

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