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I’m Jess, 28 years old, Founder & Girlboss at Rock N Rose, Mama to Nora and Woody, dog momma to Wilfred and better half to Ste.

My Nora Noodle Burger (that’s not her real name, don’t worry) was born in July 2016. She is storming her way through her first year at school and surprising me each and every day with her ability to be the world’s tiniest grown up. I never really appreciated just how rapidly babies become children and just how much character a tiny person can have until I was lucky enough to become Nora’s Mama. She is a fiercely independent, intelligent and complete one off and I wouldn’t change her for the world. Regardless of the fact she can drive me completely insane.

Nora Christmas TreeWoody Woo joined us in April 2016, you can read his birth story here. I can’t quite believe how quickly this past year has flown by, he seems to have been a baby for an even shorter time than Nora. He is just the most chilled out, loving, babe of a tiny boy and I look at him and wonder how I can love this little squidgy beaut of a boy so much. I never imagined myself as a boy Mama, you can read about my troublesome times coming to terms with this here but I really couldn’t imagine life without him. I never knew it was possible to love another little person as much as I adore his big sister but he certainly proved me wrong.Woody Urbo PramSte and I met seven years ago, although I’m sure he’d agree it feels like a whole lot longer. He is an electrician and a complete social-media-phobe so totally loves being plastered all over my little corner of the internet. He is the tea maker, Lego builder, cuddle giver, the most questionable children’s outfit concocter, poorly finger fixer, the King of make believe, forced princess expert, superhero, nappy changer, grafter, children’s chocolate pincher and the most terrible Dad dancer but there is no one else I’d rather do this parenting thing with.Ste & NoraYou’ll find me here documenting our daily life, my children’s rapidly passing childhood (sob), my copious amounts of Mum-guilt and a whole load of other stuff. Pull up a chair, bring the chocolate (my total vice) and join me in my journey of Motherhood and beyond.

I totally love to meet new people, so drop me a line jess@rocknrose.co.uk or find me over on Instagram.Family Pic