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Welcome to the World

21st May 2016

At 9.05pm on Monday 18th April 2016, we welcomed our beautiful 9lb baby boy Woody John to the world following a really special water birth. Despite being induced, his birth was everything I’d hoped for and I’m actually super proud of myself (but I’ll go into further detail in his birth story post). Deep down I always knew it would be an induced birth and that we would need to forcibly evict him, just like his big sis. My uterus is clearly…

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Lifestyle Pregnancy

My Surprise Baby Shower

5th March 2016

Late Thursday night, I was sat watching yet another murder documentary (Ste is obsessed with them, should I be worried?!) when I heard someone outside our front door. Assuming the worst I sent Ste to investigate. He didn’t find Burglar Bill, but he did find an invite to my surprise baby shower which my absolute sneak of a sister not so stealthily delivered. I was so excited and super nervous but totally over the moon! Em also threw a surprise baby…

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Lifestyle Travel

Our Perfect Holiday #MarkWarnerMum

19th February 2016

To me, holidays have always been a time for taking a step back from the every day hustle and bustle of life and from all the mundane stresses that come with it. They’re about taking the time to appreciate your surroundings and the people you’re experiencing them with. Holidays are and always have been, where my most treasured memories are made. Do you ever listen to a song or smell a scent that takes you right back to a specific moment?…

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Lifestyle Reviews

#ConnectaMoments: The Connecta Carrier

30th January 2016

I don’t think you ever truly know what kind of parent you’re going to be until the day someone pops a brand new, squirming baby onto your chest and you think, oh my good god – that’s mine! We all have an idea of how we would like to parent, whether it be with a tough love and routine approach, a mother earth type mama or anything in between, but rarely do things pan out how you expected them to.…

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Inspiration Lifestyle

House Renovation: Kitchen Inspo

22nd January 2016

When we bought our house four years ago it had been fully renovated by its current owners and although on the surface everything appeared shiny and new (beware!) it turned out to be the real life house that Jack built. My all time fave house disaster was when a piece of coving spontaneously fell from the ceiling and smashed the telly… Luckily for us, we had always had big plans for our traditional three bed 1920’s semi and what better time to carry…

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Inspiration Lifestyle Pregnancy

Nursery Inspo: Baby Boy

19th January 2016

When we found out we were expecting a boy my initial intent of using Nora’s cute floral nursery wares went firmly out of the window. As a person who tried to stay away from the whole baby blue/cream/typical baby boy themes I turned my attentions to Pinterest and came up with my perfect nursery theme – monochrome with a dash of mustard. I’m so excited to see the finished product! So far we’ve only got as far as painting the room white which looks so clean and…

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Inspiration Lifestyle

What We Got For Christmas

16th January 2016

Christmas was awesome this year, we were all totally spoiled. I thought I’d do a little round up and flat lay of some of our favourite pieces. Who knows, it might come in handy for ideas next year! A few of my favourite gifts; The amazing  Chris (Simpson’s Artist) Book full of hilarious positive and inspirational drawings by the man himself. If you don’t already, you must follow him on Facebook, his posts are guaranteed to brighten your day. Ste got me…

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