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Natal Hypnotherapy

1st February 2016

Generally speaking, fear of the unknown is much worse than the unknown itself. That goes for most things; except for childbirth. Once you’ve birthed your first child, you know exactly what to expect the second time around and that fear is mostly definitely well founded. I’ve briefly touched upon my birth with Nora in a previous post and I will get around to uploading my full birth story but here is a brief low down on how Nora Noodle entered the…

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Inspiration Lifestyle Pregnancy

Nursery Inspo: Baby Boy

19th January 2016

When we found out we were expecting a boy my initial intent of using Nora’s cute floral nursery wares went firmly out of the window. As a person who tried to stay away from the whole baby blue/cream/typical baby boy themes I turned my attentions to Pinterest and came up with my perfect nursery theme – monochrome with a dash of mustard. I’m so excited to see the finished product! So far we’ve only got as far as painting the room white which looks so clean and…

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Pregnancy Reviews

Aromatherapy and Reflexology in Pregnancy

16th January 2016

My pregnancy with Nora was a walk in the park. I had very little in the way of symptoms and sailed my way through the almost 42 weeks (thanks for that lazy Nora) but this pregnancy has been so different. From the sickness from the moment I found out we were expecting, to the awful pelvic pain that kicked in at 24 weeks, I’ve had a little more in the way of a rough ride and it really got me feeling…

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